DHS puts the ‘Security’ and ‘Management’ in Homeland Security and Emergency Management
DRASH and Reeves for Emergency Management

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ORANGEBURG, NY--- On February 11-13, DHS Systems attended the 48th Annual Minnesota Governors Homeland Security and Emergency Management Conference. The venue was an opportunity for attendees to re-asses the needs of the Homeland Security and Emergency Management market.
DHS Systems has provided Homeland Security and Emergency Management agencies with its Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelters (DRASH) for many years. These turnkey shelter systems have a lightweight, rugged and modular infrastructure that makes them a top choice for a range of missions.
The company also offers a variety of support equipment designed to integrate with DRASH shelters so that security and emergency personnel can establish a complete system to fit their specific needs. DHS has a full line of communications equipment, titled Deployable Command and Control Equipment (DC2E), which is comprised of projector systems and audiovisual switching systems. These systems combine multiple feeds of information onto a single display, creating a better visual platform for personnel to assess emergencies. In addition to DC2E, DHS offers a full range of emergency medical equipment through its Reeves EMS brand. Stretchers, decontamination systems, mobile showers, mobile surge facilities and vaccination systems are among the many products available through Reeves EMS.
DHS Systems representative Jesse Miller commented on the feedback regarding DRASH and Reeves products saying, “The most common comment that I am told, when speaking with homeland security and emergency management personnel, is how easy it is for them to use our systems. They like the fact that with minimal personnel or additional equipment, they can quickly set up their command posts or medical centers, and be ready for their scenario. They greatly appreciate the fact that we don’t just sell them equipment, but that we provide all the service, planning, and training support that they will need to ensure that they are confident with the equipment and that it will last them for years to come.”
DRASH systems enable Homeland Response Forces to establish command and control, medical care, search and extraction, decontamination and security at the scene of an incident. DRASH shelter systems combined with DC2E communications equipment and Reeves emergency medical products, form the ultimate solutions for Homeland Security and Emergency Management.