Patient Immobilization Equipment Since its first stretcher was introduced in 1902, Reeves EMS brand stretchers and immobilization equipment have been trusted by first responders from around the world to be the most reliable, durable line of patient movement equipment.

Recent load testing by Bodycote Testing Group shows that Reeves flexible stretchers and patient movement equipment can hold a minimum of 700 to 1000 pounds at a time.

Testing was conducted on the Reeves 101 Flexible Stretcher, 103 Heavy Duty Flexible Stretcher, 104 Mass Casualty Stretcher, Reeves Sleeve patient immobilization stretchers, Vinyl Body Bag and the Stadium Stretchair. Beginning with 180 lbs, each stretcher was slowly loaded until it reached a point where the stitching started to separate or the handles began to break. With the exception of the 101 Flexible Stretcher, all of the patient movement equipment continued to operate efficiently until the weight had reached more than 1,000 lbs. The 101 Flexible Stretcher performed well until the total load reached 714 lbs.