Incident Command Posts
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Reeves Incident Command Posts Reeves™ Small, Medium and Large Incident Command Posts provide response personnel with a fully operational rapidly-deployable, rugged, climate-controlled, soft-walled shelter system from which an incident commander can assign and direct rescue and relief efforts from the field during an emergency or crisis.

Reeves' Incident Command Posts use patented Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelters (DRASH™), which deploy in any terrain and can withstand extreme weather and temperature conditions.

Unlike a fixed facility, this shelter can be deployed to the scene of an incident, serving as the central incident command point for all assignment of personnel, equipment, communications and procedures for the planning, coordinating and direction of all agencies involved.

Each Incident Command Post  features integrated doors, screen windows, ECU and utility ports and comes standard with integrated flooring, transport-style duffel bag, repair kit, push poles, wind lines and a steel pin stake set.  

Basic Reeves™ Emergency Operations Center packages include interoperable systems for heating and cooling and lighting. Packages that include power generation and distribution, hardened flooring, projectors, screens, chairs and "smart" tables are also available.