FBI operation underway at Rush County home (DRASH featured in Video)

WALDRON, Ind. (WISH) – FBI agents took over a Rush County man’s home on Wednesday. Dozens of police cruisers, an FBI command station, several tents and crime scene tape litter the block surrounding the home of Don Miller.


Firefighters working around-the-clock on blaze (DRASH featured in Video)
News 12.com Hudson Valley 11/15/13
ORANGEBURG - Firefighters are working around-the-clock to contain the massive brush fire in Rockland County. Many firefighters have been involved in the effort so far. Crews are periodically coming to a staging area to get checked, receive treatment and get food and water before being sent back out.


What's new in patient-movers
Firerescue1.com 5/22/13
Rare is the patient who walks to the ambulance; here's a look at products that can save firefighters and EMTs from aggravation and injury when carting patients to the rig.


Despite challenges, state election officials keep calm and carry on
Cronkite News 11/06/2012
With New Jersey still struggling to recover from Hurricane Sandy, voters there were moved to new polling places or forced to fax or email ballots if they could not get to the polls.The changes sparked thousands of phone calls to a national election hotline from frustrated New Jersey voters. But to Mercer County Board of Elections Chairwoman Joanne Palmucci, things were going as well as could be expected.


National Guard hands out MRE's, water
News 8 WTNH 11/01/2012
Getting supplies to folks who need it the most: the National Guard is helping bring food and water all across the state to those affected by the storm.Hundreds of thousands of pounds of food and water landed in Connecticut at the Rentschler Field. It's carted from truck to truck, pallet to pallet, going out into the community as fast as it arrives in Connecticut.


EMS response to obesity
EMS1.com 02/17/2012
The patients are getting heavier while in general, the EMS workforce has gotten both older and heavier. One reason this has not already resulted in widespread crisis is better technology for moving them.

 Man stranded on steep embankment after freak accident
The Northern Echo  01/25/2012
Firefighters helped to haul an injured man up a steep embankment after he was hurt in a freak accident. The stricken man was placed on a stretcher known as a Reeves Sleeve, which the fire service hauled up the embankment using lines in a lifting and lowering system.

Military Village Expo Makes Win-Win at Military Bowl
USO blog  12/29/2011
It was a cold and windy day, and the ground was left muddy from rain the day prior. Fortunately, DHS Technologies was on site to lend an abundance of shelter and warmth inside its Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelters (DRASH). It was easy to see why these shelters replaced the old “GP Tents.”

Shelters made in Huntsville area helping USO at 2011 Military Bowl
The Huntsville Times  12/27/2011
In addition to presenting some post-season college football to D.C.-area fans, the Military Bowl raises awareness and funds for the USO. And DHS Technologies is helping by providing DRASH Shelter Systems for the USO to use in the bowl's "Military Village."

Ops Group Bravo trains Texas National Guard unit
Ft Leavenworth Lamp  12/22/2011
Operations Group Bravo of the Mission Command Training Program completed a brigade Warfighter Exercise at Camp Bowie, Texas, last week, the first time Bravo has conducted a non-counterinsurgency training event. Operations Group Bravo trained the staff of the 56th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, Texas Army National Guard, to work together as a team if the unit is called to participate in an overseas contingency mission.

Army evaluates company command posts at NIE 12.1

Army News Service 12/2/2011
Soldiers recently finished evaluation of three variants of the "Company Command Post Node" as part of Network Integration Evaluation 12.1. One of the variants tested is called the "Trailer Mounted Support System-Medium."

New Rochelle Fire Fighters Honored for Saving Lifes
Talk of the Sound 11/23/2011
Among the most dramatic rescues was a Unit Citation on March 26, 2011 for Rescue 4, Engine 22 and Ladder and 23, Tower Ladder 11 and Ladder 12 which responded to rescue a victim who had fallen down 25 feet to the bottom of a light shaft. The victim was immediately immobilized and removed using a Reeves stretcher and transported to Jacobi Medical Center.

Eighth Army trains for full-spectrum operations (Online)
Eighth Army Public Affairs 11/9/2011
The Eighth Army is participating in exercise Warpath III from Oct. 31 to Nov. 11 to hone its ability to command combat operations from its mobile headquarters. The command post exercise enables Eighth Army and 2nd Infantry Division to train for full-spectrum combat operations.

Rockland veterans housing project breaks ground at former Camp Shanks in Tappan (Online)
The Journal News 10/27/2011
The first step in the construction of Homes for Heroes, a long-awaited housing project for homeless or disabled veterans, took place Thursday with the official groundbreaking ceremony, which was held on site in a military tent.

Army surgeons operate on Soldiers in field environment (Online)
The United States Army Installation Management Command 10/27/2011
His operation could have taken place in surgical suites at Madigan Army Medical Center, or MAMC, or any hospital. Horton's procedure took place on Oct. 19 underneath a giant Army tent in a simulated field environment, where surgery on his and another patient not only resolved their pain but also served as training for the medical professionals of the 250th Forward Surgical Team.

Anti Bacterial Military Tent Walls (Online)
Defense Tech 10/11/2011
Combat wounds and field hospital surgery: There are just so many opportunities for an injury to become infected.The more you can eliminate opportunities for infection the better off the patient is going to be. At the annual Association of the U.S. Army in Washington, a company that manufactures deployable shelters is now displaying a field hospital variant whose interior walls are custom made to kill bacteria.

EPE commence demonstration days (Online)
Defence Suppliers 10/04/2011
One of the main products on show was the Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter (DRASH) system which can ensure that there is a command and control centre on the ground within a few minutes of arrival.

Serving Soliders (Print)
Manufacturing Today 10/04/11
DHS Technologies LLC's commitment to finding unique solutions to its customers' needs has spurred its innovation, enabling it to grow and prosper throughout the years. DHS' DRASH Shelters help the Military establish rugged,user-friendly command and control centers. 

Harbormaster provides logistics common operating picture from sea to shore (Online)
Army News Service 9/15/11
Knowing the contents and locations of multiple supply vessels at sea provides land commanders the flexibility to adapt to changing missions, and a new deployable logistics center will soon provide that needed situational awareness.

Man hit, dragged by train in Pottstown
(Reeves Featured in Video)
Daily Local News 8/08/11
According to police at the scene, Norfolk-Southern placed the call about a pedestrian being struck by one of their trains around midnight. Emergency responders found the man between the rails under the train behind 40 E. High St. EMS manuevered the man onto a Reeves board and winched him to a nearby coupling, pulling him to an area of the train where they could more easily remove him.

Corps seeks new tent for arctic conditions (Print)
Marine Corps Times 8/08/11
The Marine Corps is searching for a new arctic shelter to replace the Korean War-era tent still in use today. Marine officials are planning to modify a commercially available product like DRASH's 14-man arctic tent. DRASH says it intends to compete for the contract.

U.S. Army Africa’s Forward Command Element ready to roll (PDF)
U.S. Army Africa Public Affairs 7/14/11
When the U.S. Army Africa Forward Command Element rolls onto a C-130 to head to Ghana in August, it will be with state-of-the-art electronics allowing worldwide communications.The USARAF FCE, similar to a tactical operations center with sophisticated Internet and video teleconference capabilities, is a flexible command post that responds to deployment requests through U.S. Africa Command.

U.S. Soldiers Push Network in Desert Trials (Print)
Defense News 6/28/11
The Army is testing an intelligent generator built by DRASH. Each digital generator has a smart chip installed that can turn generators on and off depending on the unit's power needs.Garrison said early estimates suggest intelligent generators could provide 13 to 20 percent fuel savings.

Shelter above the rest  (Print)
372nd Mobile Public Affairs Detachment 6/21/11
Often, the fielding of new equipment can be a trying, stressful time for a unit and its soldiers. For the 89th Sustainment Brigade on Forward Operating Base Schoonover at CSTX 91 11-01, however, the adjustment to their new fielding has been quite easy. The 89th is the only unit participating in the exercise that utilizes the Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter. This DRASH is an easily erected tent system that is equipped with generators, light sets, internal climate control systems, cutting-edge audiovisual displays, communications technology and its own mobility platform. 

 High-Tech Tents Offer Military, Disaster Zone Options (DRASH Featured in Video)
WHNT News 19 Alabama 5/11/11
A technology company with Alabama ties took a moment to showcase some unique shelters Wednesday – tents that can be deployed rapidly in the field of battle or in a disaster zone. DHS Systems, LLC , a subsidiary of DHS Technologies LLC, gave military personnel and first-responders an up-close look at its Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter or “DRASH” tents in Huntsville, Alabama. DHS describes the DRASH shelter systems as quick, high-tech and portable.

Meet the DRASH: Gen. McChrystal leads talk at Yale (DRASH Featured in Video)
New Haven Register 4/13/2011
The U.S. Army Medical Department and the Yale School of Medicine Wednesday co-sponsored a joint educational event on the medical school campus. It featured tours of a functional Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter - or DRASH - with members of the 947th Forward Surgical Team. Also, General (Ret.) Stanley McChrystal, now a senior fellow at the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs at Yale, and Colonel Fredrick Lough, a doctor and clinical director of cardiac surgery at George Washington University Hospital and former senior surgeon in western Afghanistan, discussed the impact of the Army Medical Department’s humanitarian operations.

iRobots deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan (DRASH Featured in Video)
The Straits Times, Singapore Press  3/16/11
They might be small and cute but once they spring into action, they are a force to be reckoned with. Meet the iRobots, a series of robots from American robot maker iRobot Corporation. Also, on display were life-size tents that take less than a minute to assemble. The Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelters (DRASH) are currently being used by the US army in relief efforts in Japan.

Elite: Finding shelter (Print)
The Fayetteville Observer, 3/1/11
It looks more like a war zone than an office park near the airport; tents are sculpted to the landscape like sandcastles.  DHS Systems and its parent company, DHS Technologies, got their start in the 1980s producing lightweight field hospitals.  Now worth an estimated $220 million, DHS Technologies is considered one of the country's leading sources of military equipment, including tents known as Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelters, or DRASH for short.

Military shelter maker DHS Systems wins Rockland Business Association's Chairman's Award (Online)
New City Patch, 2/24/11
The Rockland Business Association has named Orangeburg-based military shelter manufacturer DHS Systems as the winner of its Chairman’s Award for Overall Business Excellence as part of the organization’s 2011 Pinnacle Awards.

Bringing Greater Life-Saving Capabilities to the Incident Scene (Online)
Domestic Preparedness, 12/1/10
As the United States approaches the end of the first decade of the 21st century, few would argue with the statement that homeland security has become a higher priority for Americans than ever before in the nation's history.

Field hospital built for flood victims in Brazil (Online)
CNTV, 6/25/10
The Brazilian Army has set up a field hospital to treat flood victims and prevent the spread of disease.

Decontamination training held here (Print)
The Rockdale Reporter, 5/20/10
All first responders in Milam County were invited to participate in a recent training for decontamination, which utilized equipment and supplies in the Milam County Decon Unit Trailer.

Reeves' DRASH offers dynamic shelter solution (Online)
EMS1.com, 5/7/10
If you are considering purchasing shelter systems for any of the numerous possibilities they can be used for, Reeves EMS Shelter Systems are worth looking at. The Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter (DRASH) can be constructed for several situations including casualty collection points, emergency operations centers, incident command posts, fatality management centers, incident camps, medical surge facilities, mobile field shower systems and outdoor patient isolation systems.

DRASH Supports Search and Rescue Efforts Following Plant Explosion (Print)
HS Today , April 2010
The Connecticut Department of Public Health and Middletown Office of Emergency Management deployed shelters and lightweight field hospitals by DHS Technologies LLC, Orangeburg, NY, following the Feb. 7 explosion at the Kleen Energy Systems plant in Middletown, Conn.

Branis seeks no-limits approach to problem-solving (Print)
Specialty Fabrics Review , April 2010
As vice president of manufacturing at DHS Systems in Orangeburg, N.Y., creating an environment that fosters a no-limits, problem solving, collective approach to business is foundational to Marcel Branis' management style and has resulted in some significant advances in products and processes for the company.

Taking control: The Reeves Incident Command Post (Online)
EMS1.com, 2/19/10
DHS Systems LLC has unveiled a new tool for building effective incident command stations. The Reeves Incident Command Post Trailer is specifically designed to offer a comprehensive, mobile command center to deal with any number and type of emergency incidents.

Orangeburg's DHS Systems helps keep Knickerbocker Ice Festival attendees warm
Rockland Review, 1/22/10
DHS Systems of Orangeburg is providing several of its easy-to-erect shelter infrastructures to help keep Knickerbocker Ice Festival attendees warm during the wintry activities at Rockland Lake this weekend.

New and Emerging Shelter Technology Provides Solutions for Responders (Online)
Domestic Preparedness, 1/13/10
DHS Systems' Vice President of Government Relations Ron Houle discusses how soft-walled shelter systems are evolving to meet the needs of today's emergency responders.

A Complete and Affordable Mobile Command Solution
Police and Security News , November/December 2009
Costing upward of six figures, a well equipped ICP is out of reach for most small agencies. Now, DHS Systems LLC is offering the Reeves ICP Trailer, a trailer and shelter combination which can be fully equipped as an ICP, but for a fraction of the cost.

Military Tents on Display at Bay Point Marriott
WJHG, 11/3/09
Manufacturers of temporary structures are showing off their products at the Bay Point Marriott resort this week during the Bi-Annual Meeting of the Department of Defense's Joint Committee on Tactical Shelters.

Note: Must be able to stream video to view.

Princess Anne visits Hereford companies Global Radiodata Communications and MilSys (UK)
Hereford Times, 10/30/09
The Princess Royal visited two Hereford companies during a visit to the city.

Where is the Reeves?
BrownEMS.org, 10/2/09
Let this article serve as notice, to all of the uninitiated, of the great importance of the Reeves brand flexible stretcher.  It is so important to us New Jerseyans that it is a mandatory piece of equipment.

Interoperability key to firefighters’ future success
Carolina Fire Rescue EMS Journal, October 2009
As firefighters battled flames inside the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 they were faced with an even larger obstacle. Fire rescue personnel, lacking communications equipment compatible with that used by other responders at the scene, including members of the New York Police Department, were unable to receive warnings of the buildings’ inevitable collapse.

Military Under Shelter in Harm's Way
Military Medical Technology, September 2009
Shelters remain as much as ever an essential requirement for forces deployed at forwarding operating bases, which are more often than not in remote locations without any existing infrastructure, such as water, septic and power, and in a variety of environments and conditions. 

Swine Flu Hot Spots: Southern U.S. First to Battle Deadly Flu
ABC News, 9/24/09
As the nation braces for flu season and a potential outbreak of swine flu, the South already appears to be dealing with a wave of H1N1 cases, setting up tents to deal with hundreds of possibly infected children each day.

Hospitals Prepare for H1N1
CBS, 9/23/09
With flu season about to begin, hospitals are taking necessary steps to insure everyone can be evaluated.

Swamped with flu patients, Dell Children's Medical Center sets up triage tents
Austin American-Statesman, 9/22/09
Dell Children's Medical Center is seeing so many children sick with what is presumed to be swine flu, it expects to start treating some of them in tents starting today.

Portable Solutions
Police, Summer 2009
With its military pedigree, Reeves' incident Command Post (ICP) is built to meet military standard requirements for rain, wind, temperature, durability, blackout, and snowload. This generator-powered towed trailer pops out into a soft-walled shelter to serve as a portable command center on the fly.

FORSSTROM Provides the Entire Solution
FORSSTROM.com, Summer 2009
FORSSTROM has delivered a machine system during this past year consisting of four different manufacturing units to the American manufacturer DHS Systems.

Reeves Incident Command Post (ICP) Trailer Reaches Beyond Local Community
EMS Magazine, April 2009
During any disaster, large or small, emergency personnel must be prepared for immediate deployment to the scene. Until recently, however, the Hamilton County Health Department in Noblesville, IN, didn't have that capability, says public health coordinator Chad Jenkins. They finally decided on the Reeves ICP trailer from DHS Technologies, and Jenkins is glad they did.

New Orleans EMS Paramedics Rescue Worker that Fell 20 Feet Into the Hull of a Barge
CityofNO.com, December 2008
On December 15, 2008, New Orleans EMS (NOEMS) received a 911 call for a male who had fallen approximately 20 feet into the hull of a barge at 3500 France Road. Using a Reeves 101 Flexible Stretcher, NOEMS rescue division was able to extricate the patient in less than 20 minutes.

ICP for the Rugged Outdoors
JEMS, August 2008
Part trailer, part pop-up shelter, the Reeves ICP has 16" of ground clearance for traversing rugged surfaces. The Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter (DRASH) has no loose parts to misplace and can be set up in 10 minutes after removal from its storage bag.

Firefighter of the Month for July
WKRG.com News Five, Mobile - Pensaco, AL
...Easley had the below grade level view and was integral in the decision to move the victim in a somewhat different method by placing the patient in a Reeves Sleeve, which is used to secure accident victims and pull the victim up a steep and dangerous grade by rope while balancing the patient on a ladder.

Rockland County Purchases New Mobile Emergency Shelter
News 12, April 2, 2008
Rockland County, NY is now the owner of a new mobile emergency shelter.

New Orleans EMS Ready for Mardi Gras
EMSResponder.com, February 4, 2008
Mardi Gras revelers have descended here for parades, beads and parties. And, EMS crews have prepared for their guests.
See News Coverage of Shelter Demonstration

After 3 Days, Heat Back On At West Rock Nursing Home
New Haven Register, December 1, 2007
The boilers were back on Friday at a West Rock nursing home, three days after a malfunction left the facility without heat as nighttime temperatures hovered around freezing. The city contacted the state Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, which enlisted the state Department of Public Health, which boasts an $8.25 million mobile field hospital, funded by state bond money in 2006, that includes a series of tents and is roughly the size of a football field when all 100 beds are set up.

New Public Affairs Response Team Rolled Out for Vigilant Guard
National Guard Bureau, May 21, 2007
Members of a new National Guard team designed to streamline information about disasters in this country to the American people rolled into the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center in southern Indiana on May 8 to take part in the Indiana National Guard's training exercise Vigilant Guard. The [training] package consisted of three DRASH towed tent generator systems that are climate controlled and have been outfitted with the latest electronic gear to allow for full operation of a Joint Information Center.

Westover Holds Disaster Drill
CBS-3, May 19, 2007
A hurricane slams the Northeast. There is major damage, even some deaths. It hasn't happened yet, but will we be ready if it does. CBS3 Springfield Megan Bacchus shows us how Western Massachusetts would respond if the worst happened.

Reeves Sleeve Used in FDNY Rescue
CW-11, May 18, 2007
A woman is recovering tonight after a freak accident, the kind that people living in NYC dread. She was walking along the sidewalk when she fell through a steel grate - landing just inches from live electrical wires.

Connecticut Purchases 100-Bed Mobile Field Hospital
WFSB TV3 (CBS), April 5, 2006
The state has unveiled a new mobile hospital. The field hospital will help up to 100 people in the event of a disaster.