Designed for patients with spine and neck injuries, the Reeves Spine Board minimizes patient movement during transport.

The Wheeled Litter Carrier is a revolutionary means of easily transporting a large number of injured people over almost any kind of terrain not accessible by vehicles. 

This rigid litter is ideal for patient transport during the decontamination process. 


The Poly Litter Stand is designed for use as a set to provide a stable, elevated platform that medical personnel can place a patient on to more safely and easily administer emergency treatment in the field. 

This folding litter is ideal for patient transport during decontamination. 


The Reeves Mortuary Decon Remains Tray is made of a decontaminable High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). 



The Remains Transfer Sheet provides the perfect lightweight and compact alternative to assist emergency response personnel with remains transfer during the mortuary decontamination process.

The limited-use Reeves Remains Tray Cover fits snugly on the Reeves Mortuary Decon Remains Tray.

The Reeves Flatbed Cart System is designed to transport DRASH shelters and accessories with ease, eliminating the need for heavy lifting.