Patient Isolation System
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Reeves Patient Isolation System

The Reeves™ Outdoor Patient Isolation System fuse state-of-the-art military shelter technology with a technologically superior combination HEPA filtration and HVAC unit to form a portable, all-weather solution to biological outbreak isolation.

Sterile and Secure Patient Isolation Systems
Providing 402-515 usable square feet of negatively or positively pressured treatment space, the System is based on patented Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter (DRASH™) military shelter frame technology, that can be set up within minutes of arrival at the incident scene by minimal personnel without using special tools or dealing with loose parts.

Shelter Layout
The Outdoor Patient Isolation Systems come with a biologically secure staff anteroom to allow for medical personnel to don or doff gear before entering and after exiting the pressurized patient treatment area.  Zippered entry and exit doors and heat-sealed viewing windows provide complete containment while allowing personnel to view inside the shelter without entering.  The anteroom wall can also be tied back to open up the shelter for other uses.  Each Isolation System also includes a fabric air plenum system, integrated flooring, transport-style duffel bag, repair kit, push poles, wind lines and a steel pin stake set.

State-of-the-Art Filtration Systems
Two filtration systems are available for use with the Outdoor Patient Isolation System: a stand-alone filtration system and a filtration/HVAC system.

Filtration/HVAC System

Features Include:

  • Airflow: 2220 cfm
  • Flexible, foil-coated, disposable air input/output ducts
         -- Female input connectors on unit port; male duct collars
         -- Male output connectors on unit port; female duct collars
  • Power ratings of 240 volt, 50 amp, 60 Hz
  • Heat and cooling outputs of 60,000 BTU
  • Two banks of two elements for low and high heating
  • Pressure Differential: 0.1” to 0.12” WC
  • Onboard adjustable dampers for positive and negative pressurizing
  • Remote thermostat allows for dual level heating and single level heating
  • HEPA filter and UV lamps
  • Automatic overheating shutdown
  • Auditory alarm and light indicator detect filter blockage and/or UV failure 

Dimensions: 35.5”W x 69.25”L x 73”H
Weight: 862 lbs.

Stand-Alone Filtration System

Features Include:

  • Portable, all-weather design for use in the elements
  • Constructed from powder-coated aluminum alloy case
  • Airflow: 2,500 CFM
  • Power: Three phase, 230VAC 8A, 60 Hz
  • Three horsepower, variable control, belt drive industrial grade motor with 1 and 1/8” shaft
  • System maintains positive or negative pressure of 0.01 WG for isolation to meet CDC guidelines for infection control
  • CDC Capacity: 12 ACH in spaces of up to 12,500 CFM
  • Filtration: 99.99% @.3Microns*
  • Ozone Free Germicidal UV @253.7 nm
  • Automatic controls
  • Power, filter and pressure indicators
  • Heavy-duty, all-terrain casters allow for field applications

Optional Features:

  • Ozone Generation for additional sterilization method of the air purification unit
  • Software package for data logging
  • Web browser capability for access of web
  • Remote notification of alarm status to PDA, Cell, Pager

Dimensions: unit: 33”W x 41.1”L x 63”H, duct: 16”
Weight: unit: 280 lbs., filters: 20 lbs. ea

* Each filter is individually and independently certified with an efficiency test rating. 99.99% is the maximum efficiency level. Minimum efficiency is 99.97%.