Reeves EMS- Clinical Equipment Decontamination         
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Reeves EMS- Decontamination Shelter and Clinical EquipmentReeves™ decontamination shelter systems and accessories include the latest in cutting edge NBC decontamination equipment and products.

Most Reeves™ Single, 2-Lane and 3-Lane Decon Systems use DRASH™ shelters, which deploy in minutes on any terrain and can withstand extreme weather and temperature conditions.

The Reeves™ brand also includes a full line of NBC decontamination equipment and accessories, which range from water heating systems, roller systems and containment berms to patient tracking, lighting and environmental control systems.

HDT Global now offers a Company Mass Casualty Decontamination System designed for Disaster Response Teams to accommodate a large number of mass casualty patients.

To determine which decontamination system is most suitable for your needs, please visit our contact page to locate your appropriate point of contact, or call our 877.GO.DRASH hotline for assistance.

All Reeves™ decontamination equipment is held to high industry quality standards and measurements.