Decontamination Systems
Reeves First Response SystemReeves™ First Response Decontamination Systems
Decon Facilities for the First Responder

The 2-Lane, 2/3-Lane and 3-Lane Reeves™ First Response Decontamination Systems are fully operational systems that effectively provide NBC decontamination facilities for First Responders in the event of an emergency incident.

The systems come fully equipped with a 165,000 or 425,000 BTU water heater and decon solution injection system and are built to be deployed anywhere, even in remote locations where water heating systems are not available.

Additionally, the systems come with a full line of decon equipment, including an integrated plumbing package, berm, elevation grids, water pump, roller system and water supply adaptor kit. Multiple showerheads and spray wands supply the water flow necessary for thorough decontamination, and lane division curtains provide modesty between sexes.


Reeves 2-lane first response system
Reeves 2/3 lane first response system
Reeves 3 lane first response system