Rapidly Deployable Military Shelters and Military Tents


C Series
Interior Length: 9.7’ - 25.6'    
Exterior Length: 10.5’ - 27.4'
C Series DRASH Shelter Measurements

S Series
Interior Length Range: 5' - 36.5'    
Exterior Length Range
: 5 - 38.5'

S Series DRASH Shelter measurements

XB Series
Interior Length Range: 4' - 33.6'    
Exterior Length Range: 4 - 35.3'

XB Series DRASH shelter measurements

M Series
Interior Length Range: 29.1' - 47.7'
Exterior Length Range
: 30.7' - 46'
M Series DRASH shelter measurements

J Series
Interior Length Range: 51.4' - 58.9'
Exterior Length Range:
52.9' - 58.9'

J Series DRASH shelter measurements

Considered by many to be the most tested, proven and trusted shelter infrastructure in use today by the U.S. Military, the Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter, or DRASH™, is the shelter of choice for Reeves™ EMS .

DRASH™ is a series of shelters ranging in size from 109 to 1,120 square feet that interconnect with each other regardless of model or series to increase operational areas as necessary.

For more than 20 years, DRASH™ shelters have been used as mobile command and control centers, medical facilities, sleeping quarters or maintenance buildings by both Military and NATO forces. DRASH™ has also been used by emergency medical responders and receivers as medical response shelters, surge capacity shelters, isolation shelters and decontamination shelters, and has been extensively tested in the field and at U.S. Military testing grounds to withstand high winds, rain, snow, sleet and extreme temperatures ranging from -50 degrees Fahrenheit to +131 degrees Fahrenheit.

Its basic design consists of a frame with two pre-attached covers and an integrated floor. This means that setting up the shelter does not require special tools or dealing with loose parts.
Additionally, its easy-to-use strut and hub design allows it to be set up within minutes of arriving at a location. In this design, pairs of struts made from an advanced composite material called Titanite® connect to the framework at points called hubs. These hubs allow the shelter to be pushed up and out with no locking devices for quick set up or take down.

A double layer of high-tech fabric, called XYTEX®, provides natural insulation that keeps out the winter cold or the summer heat. The specially coated fabric is also fire retardant, mildew resistant, water repellent and is highly resistant to abrasion and ultra violet rays.

Additionally, each DRASH™ shelter can be integrated with a Utility Support Transport (UST) Trailer that provides a seamless power package and environmental control system for deploying in extreme conditions.

For more about DRASH™ shelters, visit www.drash.com.