Fatality Management Supplies- Reeves EMS

Reeves EMS offers a variety of fatality management supplies to assist personnel while handling casualties and remains following a disaster.  

Reeves™ Fatality Management Centers provide response personnel with a fully operational shelter system that serves as a temporary location in the field for the identification, processing, storage and viewing of casualties following a disaster or emergency.

Constructed of durable 6 oz. vinyl, this lightweight body bag is the perfect, low cost solution to remains transfer.





Constructed of durable 10 oz. vinyl, this smaller-sized body bag is the perfect to pediatric remains transfer. It includes a No. 4.5 zipper that opens in center from top to bottom for easy access, and a load capacity of 300 lbs.

The Reeves™ Heavy-Duty Body Bag represents the leading edge in post mortem containment. 

The Reeves™ Mortuary Decon Remains Tray ensures that run off is properly contained during the mortuary decontamination process.



The limited-use Reeves™ Remains Tray Cover fits snugly on the Reeves Mortuary Decon Remains Tray, ensuring that runoff is contained inside the tray during the deontamination process.



The Remains Transfer Sheet provides the perfect lightweight and compact alternative to assist emergency response personnel with remains transfer during the mortuary decontamination process.