The DRASH Entry Control Point combines the DRASH Self Enclosed Annex Lobby (SEAL) with a impact-resistant, hard door to offer users a secure, extended entryway in which personnel can control access into any DRASH facility.

The Self Enclosed Annex Lobby (SEAL) provides an extended entryway to any doorway of an S or XB Series DRASH shelter or between two S or XB DRASH shelters.

The DRASH Hard Door offers users a rigid, user-friendly entranceway into any C, XB, M or J Series Shelter.

The DRASH Small Erect/Strike Bladder and Blower System is designed to assist emergency personnel with the erection and striking of larger DRASH S and XB Series Shelters, along with M and MX models. 

DRASH connectors provide a weather and light-tight connection between two same or different series shelters.

DRASH Privacy Curtains, Divider Curtains and Vestibule Curtains divide shelters into compartments.

Includes all light and wiring systems designed to fit a specific shelter or complex of shelters: Both U.S. (110VAC/60Hz) and European (220/50Hz) systems available.

Used when replacing interior or exterior DRASH shelter covers during routine maintenance procedures. Interior keepers available in white. Exterior keepers available in green or tan.

Made from durable Ripstop Nylon, DRASH Plenums are used inside S, XB, M and J Series Shelters to evenly distribute cooled or heated air.

Used to secure the shelters after set up, DRASH stake sets are available in multiple sizes and textures.

A complete field spare parts maintenance kit. Contains all the components and tools necessary to carry out field repairs or replacement of parts. Available for S, XB, M Series and J Shelters.

Complete spare parts deployment packages for DRASH UST Trailers. Contains all the components and tools necessary to carry out field repairs or replacement parts. Available for various combinations of engines and ECUs.

A lightweight and tight knit cushion for insulation between the shelter ground cover and top floor. 

Covers mesh screen windows that are built into DRASH shelters. Used when ambient light is desired and heating or cooling is required. Comes in individual sets to meet window requirements of each S, XB, M and J Shelter model.