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Fall 2011
Reeves Shelter Systems

"When we purchased the [Reeves] system, we knew we needed shelters that could support long-term operations in a rural area where a nearby garage or hanger wouldn't be available.” "These systems are easy to put up, move around on the unit's trailer and we'll still coming up with new ways that we can use them."

Ken Betz
Director for Montgomery County Coroner's Office,OH

Summer 2010

Reeves Decontamination Systems

“We are able to put a sophisticated, environmentally controlled decon system in place within 30 minutes, whether it is 80 degrees above, or 30 degrees below zero. Field repairs are easily done, and support has been outstanding. We have had these systems over five years, and I have yet to find anything better.”

Captain Marcus Hardin
Hazmat Coordinator for the Duluth Fire Department in Duluth, MN



Summer 2010
Reeves Decontamination Systems

“The decon system is easy to put up and can easily be transported using the unit's trailer. We'll be able to set it up anywhere, whether on site during a chemical spill or at a hospital during a public health crisis. This is definitely what we've needed.”

Susan Reinders
Homeland Security Director for Miliam County, TX



Spring 2010
DRASH Shelters as Mass Fatality Systems

“In a mass fatality incident we’re not going to be able to rely on permanent structures. We’re not going to want to risk bringing contaminants into a building and we need to be able to bring command and control directly to the scene. Temporary shelters such as these definitely provide us the space we need and protect us from the elements.”

John Scrivani
Deputy Commissioner for Operations for New York City’s Office of Emergency Management



Winter 2010
DRASH Shelters as a Medical Surge Facility

“We spent a lot of time researching the different shelters out there, but we ultimately decided that DRASH best fit what we needed. The shelters are portable, easy to set up, flexible and durable. If these things are able to withstand conditions in Iraq and Afghanistan, we are sure they can handle anything we throw at them.”

Dr. Thad Hummel Woodward
Regional Director of Event Medicine for Kaiser Permanente



Fall 2009
DRASH Shelters as Mobile Field Hospitals and Command Centers

“If a real-life situation like this were to occur, hospitals would not have the space available to treat the resulting number of patients. Responders would have to treat people in the field and in Colorado, where we often are faced with extreme snow and below freezing temperatures, these shelters would be critical to preventing loss of life.

“And the number of uses we found for the DC2E was astronomical. During a disaster, the system can help responders perform command and control operations. And we can always pack it up and use it to train responders located in more rural areas who don’t have access to simulation exercises such as the one we conducted.”

Pony Anderson
NREMT-P and Simulation Coordinator for the Community College of Aurora in Colorado



Fall 2009
DRASH Shelters as a Drive-Thru Vacciniation Clinic

“During a pandemic, the last thing we want to do is bring a large group of people together indoors where they can easily transmit the virus. This was a way to keep people separated while still ensuring they can receive their vaccine. And because the shelters were heated and protected against the elements, they provided our health personnel with a more comfortable workspace.”

Stephanie Grimes
Madison County Public Health Coordinator in Indiana



Summer 2009
Reeves Incident Command Post (ICP) Trailer

“Thanks to a high-tech combination of carbon fiber, plastic, and steel, the system can withstand 55 mph sustained winds and lightning. Yet it’s lightweight enough at around 3,000 pounds that it can be towed by an SUV or truck over rugged terrain, making it more versatile and economical than motor-home-type trailers or those that require a massive dedicated towing vehicle."

Melanie Basich
Police Magazine



Summer 2009
DRASH Systems as a Mobile Field Hospital

“We’ve used the field hospital for applications that we never dreamed of when we first purchased it. A lot of the equipment from the hospital has been configured so that it can be used in a number of situations.”

Len Guercia
Operations Branch Chief of the Connecticut Department of Health, speaking about the State's 14,000 square foot mobile field hospital



Spring 2009
Reeves Decon Systems

“The systems’ flexibility is what I’m most impressed with. We can take them anywhere because of their small footprint, and our guys have been very comfortable while training to use them. The systems are just a good fit for us here in Western New York.”

Tommy Fitzpatrick
Captain of Hazmat Operations, Buffalo Fire Department



Spring 2009
DRASH Command and Control Equipment

"Having the display system was critical because it allowed our command staff to see exactly what was going on in the field in real time, helping them mitigate situations that would normally occur if we didn’t receive that kind of information from the scene. And when you’re able to see everything going on on one screen, it really helps ensure that everyone is on the same page."

Charles Murph, Jr.
Interoperable Communications Coordinator, Alabama Department of Homeland Security



Spring 2009
DRASH Support

"I can not thank you enough for the assistance the DRASH team provided to our agency during our recent training in Staten Island, NY. The expert assistance you provided and the use of the J Shelter enhanced our training experience more than you realize. Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication to the mission."

John Scrivani
Deputy Director, NYC OCME Special Operations Division



Winter 2009
DRASH Systems as Medical Surge Facilities and Command Posts

“It’s been a great partnership between the city and DHS Systems. The company knows our needs and works to accommodate them. There were a lot of people involved with the planning of this, and all of them were impressed with the help we received.”

Matt Kallmyer
Deputy Director of Emergency Preparedness, New Orleans



Winter 2009
Reeves Incident Command Post Trailer as Mobile Dispensing Site

“There aren’t too many competitive products out there. This is the best concept for a department of our size. A small health department or agency doesn’t need a large trailer-shelter combination. This is the perfect system.”

Chad Jenkins
Hamilton County Health Department, Indiana



Fall 2008
DRASH Systems as Command Posts

“This is exactly what we need for a command post. In here we can hang up all of our worksheets and talk to one another. We have lighting, hook ups for electricity, printers, and televisions running.”

Doug Whalen
Deputy Chief for Brainard Airport, CT



Fall 2008
DRASH Systems as Drive Thru Vaccination Clinic

“The shelter was a complete success. We were able to provide over 150 pneumonia and flu shots within a twelve hour period. We wouldn’t have been able to deliver shots out of the elements without it.This may lead to improved plans and incorporate new concepts in emergency management. Thank you, Reeves.”

John M. Dwyer
Emergency Response Planner, Champaign-Urbana Public Health District, IL



Winter 2008
DRASH Systems as Onsite Surge and Treatment Facilities

"It could handle the strain and stress put on it, not just to run the shelter, but also by what goes on in the shelter. There was ample power left over even after we used the HVAC. Everything was self-contained in the the one trailer. The ability to not only take each shelter unit individually, but make a community of shelters. There are just so many things you could actually do with it."

Matt Kallmyer
Deputy Director of Emergency Preparedness, New Orleans



Fall 2007
Decontamination Equipment Support

"I am writing this testimonial to the support and service received from Reeves and Mr. Ken Hall.

"The Reeves system was part of an initial equipment purchase made in fiscal year 2000 for Army Reserve forces.  The system was purchased in pieces from several vendors with the main decontamination tent/system being purchased through Reeves.

"Over the past eight years our program has refined the decontamination process and equipment to a highly versatile, very flexible equipment set and process.  Ken Hall has been the company representative for many years and has provided superior support.  He has assisted with taking our suggestions/requirements for system upgrades and returning with solutions to technical and operational concerns.  This partnership of civilian equipment and military operations has yielded efficiencies and effectiveness in the size and capabilities of our units.

"I look forward to working with Reeves to improve the Army role in being able to provide disaster assistance whether by natural causes or man-made incident." 

LTC Terry Farrell
United States Army Reserve, Civilian Fire Fighter/Paramedic



Fall 2007
DRASH Systems as Fatality Management Centers

"These are the most durable, rugged structures out there. They have been used by the military for years in the field, and are perfect for this type of application."

Frank DePaolo
Director, NYC OCME Special Operations Division



Summer 2007
Reeves Sleeve

"Some Department members and myself had the occasion to stop at your booth during FDIC and praise your Reeves Sleeve product.

"Our fire department consists of 35 members, responding to about 400 EMS calls per year, with a portion of them being trauma and requiring spinal immobilization. Your Reeves Sleeve is by far the finest piece of immobilization/patient movement equipment around. We started out with one to try it; we now have four and they are the front line preferred immobilization equipment. They are easy to deploy, use and they totally restrict patient movement, all in one piece.

"Clean up and maintenance are quick and easy also. When we take these into the hospitals, the doctors and nurses are also quite impressed and ask about them. Heck, other firemen come in and ask about them too. They must still be using backboards!

"We have found many other situations to use your product also. Moving immobile patients through tight spaces by securing them to the Sleeve then standing them up to maneuver them, or securing violent EDOs to the Sleeve instead of securing them with straps is more humane, and safer for them and for us."

Lt. Mark Relich
Grosse Ile Fire Department, MI



Summer 2007
DRASH Systems as Mobile Point of Distribution (POD) Centers

"The great thing about these facilities is that we can use them anywhere in the county whenever we need them."

Jerry Nevarex
HRSA Coordinator for San Bernardino, CA ICEMA



April 2006
DRASH Systems as Mobile Field Hospitals

"We can go anywhere. We can set up anywhere. There's nothing like this currently in existence in the United States."

Dr. J. Robert Galvin
Commissioner for the Connecticut Department of Health, speaking about the state's new mobile medical facility