Decontamination Systems

Reeves Animal Decon System

Reeves™ Animal Decontamination System

Introducing the Reeves™ Animal Decontamination System - designed for VMAT and emergency responders to effectively decontaminate animals during a disaster. Using state-of-the-art shelter and decon technology, the shower area features a self-heating water system providing a flow rate of up to 28 gallons per minute. To protect personnel and animals, contaminated run-off water is enclosed in a secure containment berm, then stored in a bladder to prevent contamination of the surrounding area. Once inside the drying station, heaters provide anhydrous, clean heat to quickly and efficiently dry animals. Set up within minutes, man-portable and built to withstand the harshest environments, the Reeves™ Animal Decontamination System can be deployed whenever and wherever an emergency occurs.

System Components:

  • 14'6" x 20'  Single Exterior Cover Reeves "Responder" Shelter (2)
  • 17' x  22' x 8" H Collapsible-Wall Containment Berm
  • 50 Watt Stringable Overhead Light (8)
  • 30 GPM Submersible Water Transfer Pump
  • 6 KW VOLTmaster Diesel Generator w/Wheel Kit
  • BikeTrack™ Hardened Flooring  42" x 48" x 2", tan (48 sheets)
  • DRASH 1000B Heater    
  • G2 Water Heater with Injection System    
  • Water Supply Adapter Kit   
  • Integrated Plumbing System - 8 Showerheads, 2 Black Shower Wands, 2 Red Shower Wands, Field Level Plumbing Kit and Plumbing Line

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