Soldier using Intelligent Power Technology touch screen.DRASH Intelligent Power Technology® (IPT) Trailers combine the proven reliability of DRASH Utility Support Transport (UST) Trailers with a digital smart system to create optimal power generation efficiency.

Designed to meet users’ unique power generation needs, DRASH IPT Trailers allow personnel to operate generators together in parallel, not only helping to reduce current military fuel consumption, but reducing maintenance and providing users with greater flexibility as well.

Features of the DRASH IPT Trailer include:

  • Power Management System with automatic start/stop capabilities only runs the number of generators needed to meet immediate power requirements. Load sharing ensures that the demand for power will be equally distributed among generators left running. 
  • Plug-and-Play capabilities allow users to connect additional IPT Trailers as needed. Simple connectorized cabling eliminates the need for any hardwiring. 
  • Load Shedding turns off low-priority equipment to prevent brownouts during sudden peaks in demand. 
  • Anti-Wet Stacking prevents engine from being clogged with unburned fuel.
  • Optional Power Distribution Units (PDU) distribute power to branch circuits, utility extension cords and lighting fixtures throughout the facility.
  • Military-Tested Trailers allow for easy transport of generators through even the harshest terrain.
  • Insulated shelters, such as the dual-walled DRASH shelter, can be integrated to help reduce heating and cooling loads to further reduce fuel consumption.

DRASH UST Trailers and their components have undergone rigorous testing at both ATC and the Nevada Automotive Testing Center (NATC), and have met military criteria during environmental, transportability, electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) testing.

DRASH IPT Trailers are currently available in three models: the HP-2C/288, HP-4G/18 and HP-4G/33.

Shelter System Using Traditional Trailers

Shelter System Using DRASH IPT Trailers

Generators running on "island mode." From a power perspective, the above facility is comprised of three separate facilities that each require its own generator. DRASH IPT Trailers allow personnel to connect generators to run together as a single power grid and reduce fuel consumption. In this facility, all generators are working together as a single power grid.