Reeves EMS- Mobile Army Hospital Services

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Mobile Hospital Shelters Offered Through Reeves EMSThe Reeves™ EMS brand offers a variety of mobile advance surgical hospital shelters to fit any incident or command situation in which mobile hospital services are needed.

Many  Reeves™ medical, command and control, isolation and decontamination shelters utilize the Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter (DRASH™) system, a durable, quickly deployable design that has been tested for military use.

The double-cover insulated DRASH™ C, S, XB, M and J Series shelters are categorized according to width, length and design - with the C being the smallest at 109 square feet and the J being the largest at 1,250 square feet. DRASH™ Responder Series Shelters - a series of single-cover shelters - are also available.