Incident Command Posts
Medium Reeves Incident Command Post
Note: Genset, communications equipment and furniture (as shown) are optional.

13.6'W x 29.6'L x 8.6'H
RHPK0250 (Tan)
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The Reeves™ Medium Incident Command Post provides response personnel with a rapidly-deployable, rugged, man-portable, climate-controlled, soft-walled shelter from which an incident commander can assign and direct rescue and relief efforts from the field during an emergency or crisis. 

At the heart of the Medium Incident Command Post is the DRASH Model 5XB Shelter.  All Incident Command functions including the assignment of personnel, equipment, communications and procedures for the planning, coordinating and direction of all agencies involved can be accomplished from this one centralized location offering 359 usable square feet of insulated Command space.  Deployed or taken down by only 4-6 personnel within a matter of minutes without the need for special tools or dealing with loose parts, the shelter design is based on patented Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter (DRASH™) military shelter frame technology. 

Each DRASH™ Model 5XB Shelter features integrated doors, screen windows, ECU and utility ports and comes standard with integrated flooring, transport-style duffel bag, repair kit, push poles, wind lines and a steel pin stake set.

The Reeves™ Medium Incident Command Post also includes a 3.5-Ton Mobile ECU System providing 42,000 BTU's of cooling and heating for patient and personnel safety and comfort, a fabric air plenum system for the proper distribution of cooling and heating throughout the entire Shelter, a DRASHLITE 4-Light Set providing a total of 440 watts of fluorescent lighting, and two (2) electrical sets that include portable outlets and extension cords.

More comprehensive packages that include power generation and distribution, hardened flooring, projectors, screens, chairs and "smart" tables are also available.

Standard Colors: 
Tan (other colors available upon request).

Bladder and Blower System, Power Generation and Distribution, Hardened Flooring, A/V Equipment, etc.

Accessories/Replacement Parts: 
F329601 - XB Strut Blue
F329631 - XB Strut Red
F329751 - XB Strut Green
F329781 - XB Strut Yellow
190223T - XB Spare Parts Kit
RDSP0032 - XB Lifting Pole


Shelter Specifications:

Exterior Dimensions:
15.3 x 31.3 x 10.6
4.7 x 9.5 x 3.2
Interior Dimensions:
13.6 x 29.6 x 8.6
4.1 x 9 x 2.6
Usable Area:
sp. ft.
sq. m.
Total Weight:
Packed Dimensions:
52 x 46.4 x 30.3
132 x 118 x 77
Packed Volume:
cu. ft.
cu. m.