C Series Shelter
C Series Shelter Small Command Post

Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter (DRASH™) C Series Shelters offer 109 to 272 square feet of usable space to serve as a small command post, command sleep shelter, signal node or reconnaissance shelter.

With a starting weight of only 175 pounds (79.4 kg) and featuring a reliable, user-friendly design, DRASH™ C Series Shelters are portable and flexible enough to accomodate a wide range of operations. Their quick erect/strike design allows each shelter to be set up or taken down by as few as two to four personnel in under 15 minutes. Additionally, C Series Shelters do not require any assembly in the field, nor do they require any special equipment for setting up or striking. Simply offload and position, lift and spread, push up and secure. They can also be attached to other DRASH™ shelters to increase operational space as needed. 

A power port, duct port and optional stove pipe port make the  shelters usable in all climates and weather conditions. 

The shelters’ covers are manufactured from XYTEX®, a specially coated polyester fabric that is fire retardant, mildew resistant and water repellent and is also resistant to high abrasion and ultra violet rays. The cover fabrics also include blackout in the visual and near infrared spectrum.

An average of 10 inches of air space between the exterior and the interior covers provide thermal insulation at an R- Value of 2.1. 

The shelters’ frames are made from Titanite®, an aerospace composite with superior structural properties that make it 270 percent stronger than aluminum for the same diameter and cross sectional area.

DRASH™ C Series Shelters can be integrated with Utility Support Transport (UST) Trailers and accessories to allow for a completely mobile power, lighting and environmental control package that ensures optimum operations in the even most extreme weather.


  • Unique “one-piece” shelter design – no loose parts or pieces to assemble or misplace.  
  • Lightweight portable structure can easily be used as a small command post, command sleep shelter, signal node or reconnaissance shelter. 
  • Set up and take down by as few as two people within 10 minutes.  
  • Packs down to an average of less than 2 percent of deployed size. 
  • Power port, duct port and optional stove pipe port allow for multiple heating and cooling arrangements.
  • Networks with other DRASH™ shelters for maximum footprint flexibility.  
  • Operable in temperatures ranging from  -50ºF to +131ºF   (-45.5ºC to 55ºC).  
  • Meets all U.S. Military requirements for soft-walled shelters.