DRASH environmental control units (ECU) and heaters help create an ambient workspace regardless of a facility’s surrounding conditions.

 DRASH Environmental Control Unit connected to a DRASH shelter

DRASH Environmental Control Units
DRASH ECUs are available in 5-ton, 8-ton and 12-ton models and feature one or two supply ducts and one or two return air ducts designed to attach to any duct ports. While several DRASH Utility Shelter Transport (UST) Trailers come complete with an ECU, units are also available independent of a trailer for situations where a trailer is not necessary for mobility.

A DRASH D1000B Heater

DRASH D1000B Heater
The DRASH D1000B Heater offers personnel a fuel-efficient heating system that can easily be transported from one location to the next. Providing nearly 100,000 BTUs/hr of dry, clean heat at a rate of 880 CFMs, the D1000B Heater operates on an external input of 120 VAC, 60 Hz, single-phase power.

The heater has a fuel consumption rate of 0.81 gallons per hour at 87 percent efficiency and operates up to 12 hours continuously without fuel refill. Designed to meet the highest standards, it is CSA Certified and UL Compliant.