Energy Efficient Expeditionary Shelter System To Be Displayed At Marine West

ORANGEBURG, NY – DHS Technologies LLC will display one of its energy efficient shelter solutions at Marine West 2012 in response to the latest Marine Corps requirements that call for new capabilities that increase mobility and reduce energy consumption. The U.S. Marines Corps have a history of turning to DHS for reliable and battlefield proven solutions to help them conduct numerous operations around the world.

The 442 square foot energy efficient command operations center that will be on display is part of the company’s Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter (DRASH) line. Designed to enhance the expeditionary warfighting capabilities of U.S. Marines, a DRASH is a quick setup/strike shelter system that integrates shelter, tactical mobility, environmental control and power distribution into one flexible package. It is the most advanced system available today, having met or exceeded all U.S. military requirements for soft-walled shelters.

The energy efficient command operations center will also be equipped with DRASH Deployable Command and Control Equipment (DC2E) a lightweight, portable communications integration system allowing users to view images from across the battlefield.

Business development representatives will also be available to educate Marines on the company’s new and highly sought-after energy efficient power management technology. DRASH Intelligent Power Technology® is an advanced smart system enabling Marines to connect several digital trailer-mounted generators together to form a networked power micro grid. Once activated, each generator is automated to turn “on” and “off” based on real-time power demands and can be remotely monitored from inside the DRASH command operations center. As a completely integrated system, DRASH shelters and Intelligent Power Technology™ will decrease logistics requirements and ultimately reduce energy consumption.

Used extensively by all branches of the U.S. Military and NATO forces for more than 25 years, DRASH Shelter Systems have been deployed by Marines Corps personnel, including the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit (13 MEU), 3rd Intelligence Battalion (3 INTEL) and Marine Aircraft Group 31 (MAG 31) to support numerous missions across the globe.

DRASH will be exhibiting at Booth 18 at Marine West, which is taking place Feb. 1-2 at the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base in Oceanside, Calif.