The Reeves Sleeve: An Asset to Confined Space Safety and Rescue
Reeves Sleeve for confined spaces

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About the Reeves Sleeve
The Reeves Sleeve is one of the most trusted stretchers available today. It is constructed from lightweight yet durable material. The Reeves Sleeve offers the perfect solution to immobilize patients with spinal or neck injuries and extricating patients from tight spaces.
David Miguel, Owner of Safety Instructor at Underground Safety & Supply LLC in Olathe, Kansas gave a glimpse into his experience using the Reeves Sleeve. His safety classes prepare industry and contractor professionals for confined space safety and rescue. David gave his perspective about the Reeves Sleeve in answering the following questions.
When did you first discover the Reeves Sleeve?
I had experience working with the Reeves Sleeve when I was employed with a power company in the area and I really liked the product.
When did you decide to incorporate it into your training?
We are new to Reeves, we incorporated it in 2012 and it was an instant like.
What influenced your decision to incorporate the Reeves Sleeve into your training?
The Reeves Sleeve is fool proof for industry people who do not have a lot of time to train. The Reeves Sleeve is simple, strong and easy to use. It is easy to lift, has a strong backboard and a simple tie combination. With the Reeves Sleeve, you can train quickly and recall what you’ve learned under stress.
Would you recommend the Reeves Sleeve to others in your field or in related fields?
Once I started using them, I began recommending them to other people.