DRASH D-1000B Heater

Item Number: 1002814
Dimensions: 53.2"L x 23.8"W x 32.3"H
Weight: 221 lbs (w/ducts), 167 lbs (w/o ducts)
Standard Color: Green




The D-1000B Heater is rugged, lightweight, rust resistant, shock proof and easy to operate and maintain, providing nearly 112,000 BTUs/hr of dry, clean heat at a rate of 1,020 CFMs. The heater includes an electronic control system that monitors for high heat conditions and flameout, and operates on an external input of 120 VAC, 60 Hz, single-phase power. It includes full safety protection devices, including a safety shut off switch that shuts off upon detecting 100 ppms of Carbon Monoxide content. Its pre-heated fuel filter allows the heater to work continuously in extreme low temperatures, and it can run for 12 consecutive hours without refilling the fuel tank.


  • Compact and Mobile, Indirect fuel fired air heater
  • CSA B140.0-03 & B140.8-1967 Certified, UL 733 Compliant
  • Heated Air is separated and independent from combusted air
  • Adjustable fresh air make-up inlet window constantly delivers fresh air with oxygen to the tent
  • Pre-heated fuel filter allows heater to work at extreme low temperatures
  • Estimated efficiency: Approximately 87 percent
  • Stainless steel combustion chamber
  • Rugged, two piece molded polyethylene outer body (lower and upper) 
  • Control Panel designed to operate in environmental extremes
  • Operates up to 12 hours continuously without fuel refill
  • Accurate solid-state remote thermostat control
  • Remote CO (Carbon Monoxide) detector and automatic shut off
  • Can operate remote control (Thermostat & CO sensor combo unit) inside of tent, extra comfort and safety built-in features throughout system
  • 12 in x 15 ft flexible duct sections (supply and return)
    - High temperature grade
  • Visual fuel gauge
  • Fabric duct end covers
  • Heaters are stackable for maximum storage efficiency
  • Designed for simple field maneuverability (wheel-able and equipped with snow slide)
  • Designed with handles for easy four man lift
  • Can operate at temperatures as low as -40°F*

*Independently tested at the US Army Facility at Picatinny Arsenal, NJ. Note: Arctic Fuel Blend required for temperatures below fuel gel point.



  • Combustion: Indirect heat exchanger
  • Heat Input Capacity: 112,000 BTUs/hr
  • Air Flow: 1,020 cfm
  • Fuel Consumption: 0.8 gal/hr
  • Nozzle: 0.55 - 80°W
  • Pump Pressure: 196 psi
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 10.8 gal
  • Power Supply: Single Phase, 120VAC @ 5.8 Amps, 60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 440W
  • Fuse: 20A
  • Flue Diameter: 5.9 in.
  • Noise Level at 3 Ft: 74 dBA
  • Weight (Total dry weight without accessories): 167 lbs.
  • Weight (Ducts): 27 lbs. each
  • Dimensions: 53.2 L x 23.8 W x 32.3 H in
  • Dimensions (Ducts): 12" Diameter X 15' Long
  • Fuel Types: JP8, Diesel



  • Thermostatic Safety Switch (TSS): When the heater is turned off, the TSS assures that the fan continues to run until the surface temperature of the combustion chamber drops, assuring a safe restart
  • Fan Pressure Switch: When the fan stops working, this device disables ignition and cuts fuel supply
  • Safety CO Switch: Upon detecting 100 ppm of CO, the fuel supply and ignition are disabled
  • Flame Detector Sensor: When flame is extinguished, the fuel pump is deactivated and heater is shut off
  • Overheat Safety Thermostat: When the heated air exceeds 250°F, the fuel supply and ignition are disabled