As a first receiver, you may receive a surge of patients, all at one time or a little at a time. Often, it is unclear whether your patients have been exposed to potential biological pathogens, radiation or other contaminating agents as a result of an accident or emergency. Getting your patients the best possible care at your facility is paramount. Making sure the rest of your patients are protected is equally important. That is why Reeves offers first receivers decontamination systems and equipment as well as surge capacity shelters, complete with everything you need to provide onsite triage and treatment.

Browse through our full line of products specifically geared for First Receivers, including:

Emergency Bedding and Supplies
Use these cots, blankets, pillows or towels in your mobile emergency room, surge shelter or decontamination undress and redress areas.

Hospital Response Decontamination Systems
Reeves' Single, 2 Lane, 2/3 Lane and 3 Lane DRASH Hospital Response Decontamination Systems are fully operational systems that effectively provide NBC decontamination facilities for First Receivers in the event of an emergency incident.

Patient Isolation Systems
Reeves Patient Isolation Systems fuse state-of-the-art military DRASH shelter technology with superior HEPA filtration and HVAC units to form portable, all-weather solutions to biological outbreak isolation.

Medical Surge Facilities 
During an emergency, Reeves medical surge facilities come fully equipped to set up outside of your clinic or hospital to provide additional beds for treatment and triage.

Fatality Management Centers
Use Reeves Fatality Management Centers as mobile morgues or decedent identification areas during an incident involving fatalities.