A corporation can't survive without its workers. When accidents happen on the job or in the immediate vicinity, you can depend on Reeves to provide the best products available to keep personnel safe and secure. Additionally, Reeves' fully-operational shelter systems make great business continuity shelters - so in the event of a power outage or worse, your company can continue to operate efficiently.

Browse through our full line of products specifically geared for Industry, including:

Reeves Sleeve
Provides rapid patient immobilization while allowing personnel to maneuver through the narrowest of openings. Great for getting patients out of hard to reach areas or securing patients with spinal injuries until an ambulance arrives.

Reeves Flexible Stretchers
These stretchers are so compact that they allow personnel to carry many stretchers simultaneously when responding to an emergency. Heavy duty stretchers for larger patients and stretchers with body covers are also available.

Reeves Splint Kit Set
A splint kit for use in case of an arm or leg fracture.

Reeves Spine Board
The Reeves Spine Board provides optimal support to patients with spinal or neck injuries, minimizing patient movement during transport.

EMS Gear Bags
This versatile and customizable line of gear bags includes practical solutions for storing all or some of your emergency gear.

Hospital Response Decontamination Systems
Reeves' Single, 2 Lane, 2/3 Lane and 3 Lane DRASH Hospital Response Decontamination Systems are fully operational systems that effectively provide NBC decontamination facilities for companies in the event of an emergency incident.

Medical Surge Facilities 
During an emergency, Reeves medical surge facilities come fully equipped to set up outside of your clinic or hospital to provide additional beds for treatment and triage.

Incident Camps
Reeves 10 and 20 bed Incident Camps provide response personnel with a fully operational rapidly-deployable, rugged, climate-controlled, soft-walled shelter system that  serves as temporary housing in the field during any emergency or crisis.