A Reeves 3 Lane Decontamination SystemThe requirement to decontaminate large numbers of patients in a short period of time has long been a priority for First Responders. Large-scale disaster events, such as 9/11, have impelled the industry to look for solutions for providing thorough decontamination while increasing the overall throughput of contaminated casualties. Industry standards are now higher than ever—prompting the search for the fastest, most efficient system in the market.

Recent testing of the Reeves 3-Lane Decontamination System revealed its ability to clean 180 ambulatory patients per hour using a minimum of five gallons per minute of heated decontamination solution per patient, per lane in a three lane system, while simultaneously delivering nearly two gallons per minute of rinse water per lane. The system was tested with the Reeves G2-I Water Heater remaining in the “clean zone,” by using 100 foot decontamination solution and rinse water lines from the heater to the shelter with a 35 degree Fahrenheit temperature rise of delivered water.