If you are the owner of a DRASH shelter system, HDT Global offers a number of ways to get in touch with its many logistics representatives. Located throughout the United States and in different corners of the globe, DRASH professionals provide 24/7 technical support via phone, email or on location.

Many DRASH logistics representatives have used DRASH equipment prior to working on the product, so they know that a rapid response time is crucial to any emergency.

If your organization has purchased DRASH shelter equipment and would like continuous product and technical support, contact HDT Global Support. We offer a flexible range of service contracts and options that can be tailored to meet your needs.


  • 24-hours, 7-days a week 1-800 customer hotline (1-800-977-3647). 
  • New equipment training. 
  • Periodic refresher training for troops rotating into new units. 
  • Periodic maintenance and service on all DRASH equipment, shelters, trailers, generator sets, heaters, power distribution units and Environmental Control Units.
  • Emergency maintenance and service on all DRASH equipment. 
  • Onsite field support during training exercises. 
  • Onsite field support for deployments to overseas locations. 
  • Most spare and replacement parts shipped within 24 hours.