Decontamination Systems
2-Lane DRASH Hospital Response Decontamination System with Undress/Redress Areas

2-Lane Reeves™ Hospital Response System with Undress/Redress Areas
10'W x 20'L x 8.8'H
RDPK0003 (Blue)
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The durable, fully-operational 2-Lane Reeves™ Hospital Response Decontamination System with Undress/Redress Areas is a rapidly deployable system crafted to effectively provide NBC decontamination for both male and female ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients in the event of an emergency incident.  Perfect for deploying in any setting with only four (4) personnel and built to withstand winds, temperature and the elements, this System includes an open interior for rapid decontamination, curtains for patient modesty, a collapsible-wall berm for complete run-off containment, and 2.5 gallon-per-minute showerheads and spray wands – all deployable in less than six (6) minutes.

System Features:

  • Rapidly deployable system for effective NBC decontamination of male and female ambulatory and/or non-ambulatory patients
  • No center poles or locking devices are needed to keep the shelter erect                          
  • Shelter frame is manufactured from Titanite®, an aerospace material with a flex strength 270% greater than that of aluminum
  • Shelter will remain functional with up to 60% of the frame damaged or broken                          
  • Durable, pre-attached cover is fire-retardant, mildew-resistant, water-repellent and highly abrasion- and UV-resistant
  • Lane division curtain provides modesty between sexes
  • Privacy cross-curtains allow for modesty and splash protection within each ambulatory lane by creating separate undress, wash, rinse and redress chambers
  • 5-foot wide lanes provide ideal working space for responders and patients
  • Shelter sits inside of collapsible-wall berm for complete run-off containment
  • 2.5 gallon-per-minute showerheads and spray wands supply the water flow necessary for thorough patient decontamination

System Components:

  • 10’W x 20’L Single Exterior Cover Reeves "Responder" Shelter (includes push poles, stake set, repair kit and transport bag)
  • 2-Line Integrated Plumbing Package - 8 Showerheads, 2 Black Spray Wands and 2 Red Spray Wands
  • 2-Lane Curtain Package
  • Privacy Cross Curtains - Create Undress/Wash/Rinse/Redress Chambers (6)
  • 13’W x 22’L x 8”H Collapsible-Wall Primary Containment Berm
  • 2’W x 8’L x 3.5”H Patient Elevation Grids (10)
  • 2’W x 5.5'L x 3.5”H Patient Elevation Grids (5)
  • 30 GPM Submersible Water Pump with 25-Foot, 1 ½” Discharge Hose
  • 35-Foot, ½” Black Supply Hose with cam lock Fittings (1)
  • 35-Foot, ½” Red Supply Hose with cam lock Fittings (1)
  • Water Supply Adapter Kit  

Standard Colors:

Comes standard in Blue. OD Green, Red and Tan available upon request.


Waste Water Bladders
50W Lights
Roller System
G2S-I Water Heater
Diesel Generator
Pre/Post Decon Kits
Mesh Decon Litters
Spine Boards

Accessories/Replacement Parts: 

F329601 - XB Strut Blue 
F329631 - XB Strut Red 
F329751 - XB Strut Green 
F329781 - XB Strut Yellow 
RDA0009 - 2-Lane Curtain Set 
RDA0001 - Replacement Cross Curtain 
RDIP0006 - 2-Line Integrated Plumbing Package
RDIP0013 - Plumbing Repair Kit 
RDIP0014 - 2.5 GPM Shower Head
RDIP0015 - Black Spray Wand 
RDIP0016 - Red Spray Wand 
RD30105H - 35-Foot, 1/2" Black Supply Hose
RD30100H - 35-Foot, 1/2" Red Supply Hose 
RDSP0032 - "XB" Lifting Pole 
RDCB0004 - 13'W x 22'L x 8"H Berm


Shelter Exterior Dimensions:
ft. (W x L x H)
11.8 x 20 x 10.5
m. (W x L x H)
3.6 x 6 x 3.2
Shelter Interior Dimensions:
ft. (W x L x H)
10 x 20 x 8.8
m. (W x L x H)
3 x 6 x 2.7
Shelter Packed Dimensions:
in. (W x L x H)
cm. (W x L x H)
Total System Weight: