DC2E Audio visual system 

DC2E Audiovisual Systems

The DC2E’s Audiovisual System comes in four different configurations: Mini, Small, Medium and Large. The following features are available for all configurations:

  • Diskless components for increased reliability. Systems do not require additional software.
  • Supports multiple displays and display types.
  • POTS Line connects to standard analog phone line for audio conferencing.
  • CTL LAN connects to LAN for WEB based control of the AV System.
  • Display processor combines 4 or 8 real-time video and
    computer inputs in Windows onto one display. Windows can be scaled up to full screen. Capable of accepting and displaying images with a resolution of up to 1600 x 1200.
  • Includes molded, weather-resistant transport cases for the control system and accessories.

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