Through the years, all branches of the U.S. Military have come to depend on Reeves emergency stretchers, gear bags a decontamination equipment to aid personnnel during response efforts, deployments and field exercises.

Browse through our full line of products specifically geared for Military First Responders, including:

Reeves Sleeve
Used by the Navy to maneuver to maneuver patients around tight places on board a vessel, the Reeves Sleeve provides rapid patient immobilization while allowing personnel to maneuver through the narrowest of openings. Also can be used for air and water rescue operations.

Reeves Flexible Stretchers
These stretchers are so compact that they allow personnel to carry many stretchers simultaneously when responding to an emergency. Heavy duty stretchers for larger patients and stretchers with body covers are also available.

Reeves Spine Board
The Reeves Spine Board provides optimal support to patients with spinal or neck injuries, minimizing patient movement during transport.

EMS Gear Bags
This versatile and customizable line of gear bags includes practical solutions for storing all or some of your gear.

Emergency Bedding and Supplies
Whether its cots, blankets, pillows or towels, these supplies always come in handy during emergency situations or for life support applications.

Decontamination Systems and Accessories
From individual size decon systems to larger systems that can decontaminate up to 250 people per hour, Reeves decontamination systems and accessories are well known for quality and durability and are used throughout the United States' Armed Forces.

Command and Control, Medical, Life Support and Maintenance Shelter Systems
Reeves provides quality shelters to the Military through DHS Systems, the manufacturer of the Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter (DRASH) System.