Emergecny Operations Center- Reeves EMS
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Reeves EMS- Emergency Operations ShelterReeves™ Small, Medium and Large Emergency Operations Centers provide emergency personnel with a fully operational rapidly-deployable, rugged, climate-controlled, soft-walled shelter system in which emergency operations can be directed and coordinated from a centralized location in the field.

Reeves™ Emergency Operations Centers use patented Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelters (DRASH™), which deploy in any terrain and can withstand extreme weather and temperature conditions.

Unlike a fixed facility, this shelter can be deployed to the scene of the disaster or emergency and serves as the central logistics point for all emergency preparedness and response.

Each DRASH™ Emergency Operations Shelter features integrated doors, screen windows, ECU and utility ports and comes standard with integrated flooring, transport-style duffel bag, repair kit, push poles, wind lines and a steel pin stake set.  

Basic Reeves™ Emergency Operations Center packages include interoperable systems for heating and cooling and lighting. Packages that include power generation and distribution as well as hardened flooring, are also available.